Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Making Plans as a Reading Community

One of the tell-tale signs of a Reading Community is that the readers in the community make plans.
Our school has TWO WEEKS off for Winter Break. That is a long amount of time to be away from my readers. The week before break we got together and decided on some concrete plans for break. 

Our goals were simple: make a plan, be prepared for that plan.

I think it's no mystery that I love the look of book spines. My door is adorned with our read books of the school year, our shelves house most of our books spine out and we do some fun book jacket designs throughout the school year. It was only natural that our Winter Break TBR included the chance for beautiful spines.

How to make it work:
-Make realistic and individualized goals
(I had some students reading ECHO by Pam Munoz Ryan for Mock Newbery, there was no way they were finishing it over break, so be realistic. I also had some students who still haven't finished a book for the school year wanting to finish two over break, be real. Help your kids set achievable goals).

-Readers should jot down books they are currently reading & ones they want to read over break.

-Readers should shop the classroom library, school library and make plans to get the books they will need for break (this helps students avoid reading emergencies).

-Be sure to do a brief mini-lesson on "edge time reading," a quick anchor chart brainstorming WHERE and WHEN kids can read over break would be perfect.

-Readers should color in the spines as they finish their books.

-When you return- celebrate all reading! Share your successes or goals with the kids. Show them your TBR and talk about how it went.

-Don't attach rewards or punishments to this. I'll find you if you do.

So, if you are planning to make plans with your readers (and you SHOULD) then get this Winter Break Freebie here. If you know you love the design and want to be able to use it for all of your breaks, find the full set here.

Happy Reading!

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