Monday, July 20, 2015

Global Read Aloud 2015: Fish in a Tree (#GRA15, #GRAFIAT)

Pernille Ripp started an amazing thing called The Global Read Aloud. You can find more information on the initiative here at the website! Sign up on the website while you're there!

Comment below if your class will be joining, I would love to connect. We are hoping to tweet a lot and connect with classrooms through the FIAT Edmodo Group.

I am participating again this year with my 4th Grade Class and I know the kids will be just as excited as me when they find out we're reading Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt!

Fish in a Tree is a #heartprintbook for me. I believe that every Educator should read and learn from Ally and Mr. Daniels. If you want to read my review about FIAT, check it out here at the Nerdy Book Club!

Here's the Chapter Outline for Fish in a Tree:

Week 1:  Chapter 1 – 8
Week 2: Chapter 9 – 17
Week 3: Chapter 18 – 24
Week 4: Chapter 25 – 33
Week 5: Chapter 34 – 42
Week 6: Chapter 43 – end
Start Date
October 5th
On the website you will also find a handout to send home with students, a tools handout and a FAQ handout. All of the resources you need are there. Be sure to sign up so you'll be ready to go in October!


  1. I am participating with my 4th graders, too! I adore that book. Excited to read it aloud to them!

  2. We are reading FIAT too! This will be my second year participating in the Global Read Aloud. We had such a great time last year. We used Edmodo and Kidblog last year. I think we'll stick with Kidblog this year. My kids liked using kidblog more that Edmodo last year. I think it's so cool that over 250,000 kids participate in this! It's such an awesome way to get our kids connected globally.
    Are We There Yet?

  3. I'm looking for a 4,5 or 6th grade class to collaborate with as we read FIAT as part of the Global Read Aloud. I didn't do this last year but am very excited about experiencing this.

  4. I'll be joining GRA with a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. We'd love to connect via skype and/or twitter for our first year.


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