Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 #PB10for10

I'm participating in this year's Picture Book 10 for 10 on 8/10! Since this is my first year participating, and my fourth year teaching, I decided to do a theme. I'm doing Picture Book a Day in my 4th grade classroom this Fall, so I think this time next year, I will have so many more picture books under my belt and I may have a more "I can't live without these books" list.

Make sure you check the hashtag on Twitter to see the posts from everyone.
If you are participating, you will have already joined the Google Group, so the posts will be available to you there. Enough talk, here we go! 

I decided to focus on my first 10 read alouds for this upcoming school year! This goes perfectly in hand with #classroombookaday because I have been getting together books and trying to piece them in at the right times. I don't know if this will remain final (I am an Indecisive Gemini), but we'll see. 

Here are my books and why I chose them.

This book was introduced to me by a colleague (Thanks Jess!) and I have read it to my kids ever since. There is an amazing YouTube video that goes along with it. The kids love the book and video each year. I find that it gives us a great jumping off point for the school year. The kids wonder, think and decide what happened in the story. Some kids pick up on the deeper metaphor the story presents. Whatever a student thinks, I know that they are already engaging in deep analysis of a picture book, day one. The music in the video is magical and I always end up crying. If you haven't read this one, get it right away!

Let me first say that I love Peter Brown's illustrations. If you do not know his books, please fix this dilemma. He will quickly become a favorite! I live in the same community where I teach, so this one is a perfect hit for me. My kids do often see me outside of school. I work hard to develop relationships with my kids and this is a great sidekick for me at the beginning of the year. Your teacher is a little hard on you, but just because she loves you? Sounds like me. See you at Kroger!

I love Loren Long, and she's the illustrator of this beautiful book. This book was recommending to me by one of my dearest teacher friends, Lisa, from Fourth And Ten! She has a great beginning of year activity that goes along with it called Toothpaste Words. The lesson in this book is powerful and very good for my big kids to hear in those first few days of school. I started using Lisa's idea of sharing this three years ago, and I think it's one that I will continue to keep on hand.

This book has quickly becoming one of my favorite books of the year! The message is one that all kids can identify with. Be who you are! Use your imagination and go places. I can't wait to share this with my incoming 4th graders! Added bonus, the illustrations are so whimsical.

I mean, if you love Mr. Schu then you love Nana and Lauren Castillo. This book touched my heart and will be the perfect book to share with kids at the beginning of a new year. Maybe you have some kids who are new, maybe you have some kids that will be spending their first year in the big bad 4/5 hallway, whatever the case, this story will help kids explore the unfamiliar.

I am working on getting some great Non-Fiction picture books into my classroom library this year. I have really started buying NF picture books and this one will be a great one to share with kids in August. The illustrations are so interesting and I'm hoping that this PB Biography gets my Students talking!

How can you NOT start the year sharing the Best Smelling Book of 2014??
Doesn't Sam and Dave Dig a Hole teach us so much about life? I love the conversations the kids have after reading this book. So many great themes come up and I am obsessed with Mac&Jon anyways. The combination of these two guys together.... Perfect. Also, be sure to share the  Book Trailer for this one before you read it. It's pretty amazing.

Speaking of the amazing Jon Klassen... Are you Team Bear or Team Rabbit? That's the question... The kids will love this story and it's one you will hear them talking about long after the story is over. I Want My Hat Back also has a great Book Trailer on Candlewick's YouTube site.

Is it obvious that I am a sucker for great illustrations? This book has some magnificent drawings that really draw the reader in. This too, is another book that celebrates creativity and imagination. I love to nurture those things in my kids and this book is so powerful in showing students that.

This book is so fantastic to help us keep with that creative vein and learn more about Genius Hour. We talk about ideas and how they start small and have the potential to grow into something huge. Helping students see that the idea process takes work and mistakes and dedication is a great thing to bring into focus at the start of the year. Growth Mindset!

There you have it, my 2015 #pb10for10. I'm going to check out all the other posts and hopefully I won't go broke after seeing the fabulous picture book suggestions!


  1. Fantastic choices Stacey! And did you know there is a nonfiction 10 for 10 in February! You will be able to grow your nonfiction lists then :-) I must say that I love each book you have on your list! I couldn't even pick a top 3 In fact, I own 7 of these titles!

  2. Great collection! Several of these were big hits in my classroom last year, and I am looking forward to sharing My Pen especially new this year. My #pb10for10 is about PB featuring diverse characters.

  3. Fabulous list, Stacey!! I haven't read This is Sadie, so I'm going to have to fix that! Looking forward to sharing the #classroombookaday journey with you.

  4. This is the third time in a row I've seen MY PEN. It's a sign from the universe that I need this book!


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