Friday, April 10, 2015


After a new name change, I decided to just pack up my old blog (Riedmiller's Room) and bring things over here to start fresh. New name, new start, right?

How about a little introduction?
I am a Fifth Grade ELA Teacher in Ohio. This is my third year teaching, each year a new grade! I started in 3rd, then went to 4th and now I'm finishing up my 5th grade year. Next year, I will be back to teaching 4th Grade ELA! I love my job. I get to share books with lots of kids, I get to talk books, read books, show people how to make sure they are understanding books... Did I mention books??

What you will find here:
Look for lots of happenings in my classroom, book reviews, links to great blogs that help me stay in touch with the reading community (like Nerdy Book Club and Mr. Schu Reads), and probably a ton of Instagram pictures. Do you follow me on IG? You should! @literacyforbigkids, What about Twitter?? @RiedmillersRoom. I love to use Twitter for Professional Development. I participate in a lot of monthly chats about reading best practices and spreading the word of getting choice and reading time into classrooms everywhere! If you are a like-minded individual, start following!

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  1. So glad I found your website! I'm an Ohio teacher too (Cincinnati) and making a jump from PreK to 5th (ELA and Social Studies) next year. I'm excited but need all the help I can get. I can't wait to put some of your ideas to use in my new room!


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